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 Nick Swensen


Nick Swensen (He/Him) questioning the world around him since he froze on a playground when he was four and wondered “why am I here?” This question has propelled Nick into the world of storytelling, weaving tales both of everyday life and of mythical legend. From Acting, to Dungeon Mastering, to Directing, Nick strives to embody these stories and show his audiences and collaborators that there is wonder to be found in every facet of human experience, no matter how mundane. He enjoys mining stories and characters for their contradictions–the joy in the sorrow, the levity in the serious, the love amid the cynicism. And Nick believes that it is in embracing every facet of those contradictions that we return to some of the richest levels of humanity in the stories we tell. In his down time, Nick enjoys cooking and eating with others, walking in nature, playing games of all kinds, and spending time with friends and family. He has been dabbling in filmmaking and writing, and has played music and sang since he was two. He is looking to develop these skills and discover the many ways he can use his various talents to further illuminate the divine complexities of life.

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