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Freddie Bredemeyer


Freddie Bredemeyer (he/him) has loved theater, film, and television for as long as he can remember. Growing up in south Florida, Freddie attempted a variety of sports and athletic activities that all seemed to fall through. Finally, his parents enrolled him in a local theatre summer camp, unbeknownst to them changing the course of the next decade and a half of his life. Since then, Freddie has been completely enveloped in the performing arts. He attended American Heritage School on a full fine arts scholarship, performing in over a dozen plays and musicals, before continuing his theatrical endeavors at Fordham. A huge fan of video games, amusement parks, and 11 o’ clock numbers, Freddie indulges in spectacle and loves a good show stopper. At Fordham, he’s been able to experiment in sound design and in the city he’s worked with multiple off-Broadway theaters, running lights and sound as a board-op. He’s thrilled to dive into the world of New York professional theatre and can’t wait for the artistic opportunities that will present themselves going forward.

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